A caregiver in scrubs looks at an elderly patient in a wheelchair with a smile.

We are your oral care specialist.
Always ready to meet your dental needs.

Our core services.

• Complete oral hygiene care following strict guidelines for the delivery, sterilization, and transportation of the mobile dental practice.
• Client-centered treatment including oral cancer exam, scaling, stain removal, arrest cavities, temporary fillings, fluoride applications, and oral hygiene instruction specifically coordinated with caregivers.
• Communication with family after every visit.
• We can coordinate referrals with local dentists if the need arises.
• We can help with insurance benefits and claims.
• Although our fees follow the Ontario Dental Hygienist Fee Guide, you can anticipate roughly $150 per hourly visit.

Why mobile?

• We provide preventive dental care to those who find it difficult getting to a dental office by going directly into homes and care centers.
• We provide care bedside, your reclining chair or wheelchair while in the comfort of your home.
• Until Roving Dental Hygiene, there was no option for bedside dental care in the Kingston area. This practice was created and developed to meet the oral needs of our varied population.
• Our vision is to provide affordable, accessible clinical care to everyone in our community.